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BookMinders has the Solution!


BookMinders Accounting Services is a cutting edge Bookkeeping / Accounting business specializing in online Cloud Accounting located in the beautiful Annapolis Valley in Kentville, NS.


With 30+ years experience Kate Peill is ready to help your business excel!

BookMinders has the solution!

As a business owner, you are probably spending most of your time on growing the business, especially in these challenging times, and have little energy left for maximizing the benefits of proper bookkeeping. Rather than learning by experience, or having to continually research to keep up with best practices, BookMinders’ services will allow you to capitalize on decades of experience and breadth of expertise, as Kate helps you incorporate information-rich financials or upgrade to cutting edge technology with paperless, cloud-based digital accounting.

No matter if your papers are still in a box waiting their initial organization or if you’re up and running and want to be more efficient, if it’s something you’d like support with, BookMinders can help you create this shift that will lead to even greater success.

One thing is for sure:

Increasing your bottom line is largely dependent on knowing exactly where your money is going and highlighting how it can be allocated and leveraged most effectively and profitably moving forward.

Each business has unique needs, so please give Kate a call at (902) 599-4747 and have a chat about the best solution for you.

According to a recent survey conducted by MIT-Boston Consulting Group, nearly 85% of people believe that AI leads to competitive advantage, and 79% believe that technology increases the productivity of the company.

Cloud Accounting Anchor

What’s the difference between cloud accounting and traditional accounting software?

1. Save Money ~ Cloud accounting requires less server infrastructure to store data, and IT staff is not required to maintain or update it.  Fewer overhead expenses mean greater savings. The cloud provider completes the backups, updates occur automatically and nothing needs to be downloaded or installed on a company computer. In addition, you pick the plan that is best for you right now. Subscriptions are usage-based and will grow as you do.

2. Save time – Using the latest Artificial Intelligence and intuitive machine-based learning, data which has to be  manually entered by hand on a desktop accounting program is automatically uploaded and coded appropriately, needing only your clearance to post. With the ability to upload and store documents directly, it saves time, paper (which helps the environment) and potentially office space,  increasing productivity, improving accuracy, and reducing costs.

3. More Flexibility ~ Financial records can be accessed by multiple authorized users from anywhere on any device with an Internet connection, rather than on a few select on-premise computers. An infinite number of customized reports can be created at the touch of a button, providing the business owner with critical performance indicators at any time, not just month end.


4. Up to date data - Auto syncing gives all authorized  users access to all current data from anywhere, making this very valuable for teams that work virtually.  There is no lag time in data entry – everyone can share the same information at the same time. No more transporting information to your accountant on a flash drive.


5. Customization - Allows integrations with other business software building a technology stack. Track mileage, track time, upload invoices and receipts from your phone… all things are possible.

6. Secure – Data is stored in a more secure location than an on-premise server which is vulnerable to hacking and crashes etc. Without the log-in information, no one can access your data and you can also provide different levels of access to users.   In the case of a disaster, no data is lost and there is no downtime.

"Kate always gives more than is required. She is loyal, honest, considerate and an asset to any business. We considered her part of the team and would welcome the opportunity to have her as part of our operation at any time."

— Albina Nowe, Village Nursery

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